Category Topics

Start Here

This section will cover all things Mythos. In this category community members will be able to find; community updates and helpful tips and tricks on how to navigate the Mythos Discourse.


In this category members of the community can open up a discussion surrounding Myth. The can share ideas, give suggestions and connect with other members.

MIP Proposal

In this section community members can share their ideas that could contirbute and improve the DAO using the MIP template. This category houses proposals that started as a discussion, that the author decided to move forward and submit as a Formal MIP

Formal MIP

The Formal MIP moves to be reviewed by the the Special Council.

MIP Voting

Formal MIPs that have been approved for voting by the Special Council will be put on Snapshot for the community to vote.

Completed MIPs

Main category that all MIPs go to after they have been sent to vote and an outcome provided.