MIP Proposal Template

Below you will find the minimum information layout required for an MIP proposal to be considered. This information can be up to author interpretation, but the layout may also be copied for author’s submission.

  • Summary: A summary of the proposal.

  • Background: Provide background information, if any, for the proposal.

  • Objective: Explain the goal of the proposal. Clearly state how and why the proposal will benefit or foster the interests or goals of the Mythos Ecosystem.

  • Team: Identify the team or persons that will execute or implement the specifications of the proposal.

  • Specification: Explain in detail the project, development, use case, feature, or change that is being proposed.

  • Implementation Plan: Clear step-by-step process on how the proposal will be executed or implemented and what resources, support, or contributions, if any, are being requested from the community and/or by the Mythos Foundation.

  • Cost: Define the budget or costs for the proposal.

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