Mythos DAO Guidelines

These Mythos DAO Guidelines outline the conditions and criteria for how this decentralized autonomous organization functions. This document is an essential resource for all members of the Mythos DAO, providing a framework for how its members are to conduct themselves and how collective decision-making is to take place.

Additionally, the Guidelines summarize the MIP process as per MIP-1, outlining the requirements for proposals to be considered for a DAO vote, and how members can participate in the governance process. They also recap the roles and responsibilities of the Special Council, the DAO’s Advisors, and Subcommittee members, including the criteria for appointment and removal.

Finally, this document is meant to promote a transparent and inclusive culture in the Mythos DAO that encourages open communication and constructive discussion while also providing clarity and consistency to uphold fairness and build trust among the DAO community.

  1. Each Mythos DAO community member must hold at least 1 MYTH token; anyone who holds at least 1 MYTH token can participate as a member of the Mythos DAO.

  2. Mythos DAO uses Discourse as the platform for hosting formal community discussions as well as the formal Mythos Improvement Proposal (MIP) process – it is available at

  3. All proposals and topics on Discourse are publicly available.

  4. Every year, there will be a DAO-wide vote to determine which DAO members will serve on the Special Council, as Advisors, and on Subcommittees.

  5. A member of the Special Council, Subcommittee, or an Advisor may be removed and replaced prior to the term’s end pursuant to a majority DAO vote.

  6. The MIP process as outlined in MIP-1 establishes the Mythos DAO’s governance.

  7. An MIP should include a Summary, Background, Objective, Team, Specifications, Implementation, and Total Cost of Implementation to maintain the standardization necessary for fair governance.

  8. MIPs will not enter the formal governance process unless they reach the community support level stipulated in MIP-1 (25 votes upon the Discourse Topic).

  9. Once an MIP is approved by the Special Council for a vote, any active proposals that are in direct conflict with it will be paused until the vote takes place. If the MIP is passed by the community, any conflicting proposals are considered null and void, and no other conflicting proposals can enter the governance process for a minimum of three months. If the MIP is rejected by the community, the active conflicting proposals are unpaused and continue through the governance process.

  10. Proposals will not be put up for a vote if they involve illegal activity, hate speech, pornographic material, or are at odds with the mission or values of the Mythos Foundation.

  11. MIPs will be withdrawn after 30 days of inactivity or after 60 days of no significant progress in the process, as detailed in MIP-1.

  12. Your contribution matters. In order for MIPs to move through the approval process the community must vote. Typically, the more discussion, the more votes will be cast.

  13. Mythical Games will not use its allocation of MYTH tokens to vote on any proposals for one (1) year from the date of MIP-1 approval, or as long as Mythical Games has a representative member on the Special Council.

  14. This community values civility and respect. Our discussion forum is a place where the community comes together to share their knowledge, skills, and interests through active conversations, making it a shared resource for all. These guidelines are not strict rules, but rather tools to assist our community in making thoughtful decisions and maintaining a welcoming environment for respectful public discourse.

  15. Maintain a respectful attitude in Discourse discussions, even when you hold different opinions. Please refrain from:

  16. Using derogatory terms or labels

  17. Making personal attacks

  18. Reacting to the tone of a post rather than its substance

  19. Automatically contradicting without thoughtful consideration

  20. The Discourse is driven by the Community and is managed by a team of approachable staff members. It’s up to all members of the community to maintain a positive environment by:

  21. Being civil and avoiding offensive, abusive, or hate speech

  22. Keeping it clean: avoid posting obscene or sexually explicit content

  23. Respecting each other: don’t harass, impersonate, or expose private information

  24. Respecting the forum: don’t spam