MIP-4 - Proposing The Inclusion of Beamable Into Mythos DAO Subcommittee

This document proposes the inclusion of Beamable (https://beamable.com), into the Mythos Web3 gaming ecosystem decentralized autonomous organization (“Mythos DAO”) Subcommittees. We intend to be an active and valuable contributor in the field of Web3 & Metaverse Infrastructure. Beamable possesses the requisite experience, resources, and passion to add substantial value to the Mythos DAO, contributing to its overall mission and vision.


Beamable started in 2010 as a game development studio delivering commercially successful social and mobile/PC titles for Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Walking Dead, and several other movie and TV properties to tens of millions of game players.

Since 2020, Beamable’s mission has been to “Fight for the Game Maker” by providing workflow, tools, and infrastructure for live game development and operation. Today, we provide critical capability for dozens of fully scaled game projects, with over 100 more in the pipeline.

In the past four years, we’ve worked with countless Web3 developers on Forte, Ethereum, Polygon, Mythos, and WAX to implement rapid implementation of Web3 systems (wallets, inventory, content) into games driven by rich item economies and LiveOps tools. Beamable also began work with Mythical Games, providing key infrastructure and tools for new projects.

By joining the Mythos Foundation, we are excited to deepen our involvement with Mythos and continue to make Web3 development more efficient for game developers of all sizes.

Our primary objective in joining the Mythos DAO is multifaceted. We seek to enhance the developer workflow for the Mythos Ecosystem by providing software, tools, sample projects, and integrations to speed development and game execution.

We also look forward to the opportunity to promote the Mythos Ecosystem to more game developers and bring our unique perspective and expertise on game development and commercial game success to the table.

We appreciate the consideration of the community and the Special Council.

Trapper Markelz

Beamable Founding Team:
Jon Radoff, CEO - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonradoff/
Trapper Markelz, COO - https://www.linkedin.com/in/trappermarkelz/
Ali El Rhermoul, CTO - https://www.linkedin.com/in/aelrhermoul/

Hi everyone! Please let me know if you have any questions about this application. We are excited to join the community and continue to contribute to Mythos by working with game makers. Our announcement about working with Mythical went up last week. Beamable Chosen by Mythical Games to Power Live Ops Infrastructure - Beamable

Hi Trapper, we’re really excited about the possibility of working more closely with Beamable! Please check your DMs-- as the admin team, we’d love to discuss this ways to support you and open up the conversation more for the Mythos community.


Hi Slinger, that sounds great. I will check my DMs and we can set something up!

Hi everyone! Excited to work with the team on making this a reality!


Excited to get to 10 votes on this! If anyone has questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We continue to make progress on web3 integration and happy to share more details beyond the proposal about how we can accelerate dev onboarding into a Liveops platform for Mythos games.

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Considering Beamable’s extensive experience in developing tools and infrastructure for live game development, how do you envision the integration of your existing workflow and resources with the Mythos blockchain architecture? Furthermore, what strategies do you propose for leveraging your expertise in game economies and LiveOps tools to uniquely enhance the Mythos Ecosystem, particularly in terms of scalability and user engagement in Web3 gaming?

Hi Dave! Thanks for the awesome questions!

Beamable’s goal as a company is to build in-engine workflows for developers so they can rapidly implement game server features. In this case, the emphasis would be to provide a solution for quickly adding Mythos fungible and non-fungible assets to the game by integrating Mythos into our identity, content, and inventory systems. In this way, any game developer looking to implement Mythos into their Unity or Unreal game project could grab an open-source sample project with everything pre-integrated into Beamables managed services.

We are a company of game developers with experience building, launching, and scaling mobile titles that have generated over $150M in aggregate revenue. We work with many Web3 game developers now, helping them align the item economies of their web3 games with the best practices of Liveops driven Web2 titles.

The Liveops tooling and workflow needs for Web3 games are immense and often underestimated by ambitious teams. We think we can be a really pragmatic resource to the ecosystem here, helping game teams become productive faster, launch sooner, iterate rapidly, and build commercially successful game experiences for their player communities.


Excited to break 20 votes! Thank you all for supporting this opportunity to make a difference for Mythos Web3 game developers!

Hi @slinger Let us know if anything else is needed to move this MIP to the next step.

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