Recognition of OG Blankos holders

I don’t know if anything is already planned but as the Mythos Chain gears up, I think it would be a good move to discuss how the OG community from Blankos Block Party is encouraged and incentivized. Of course, Blankos Mobile is on the roadmap and all existing NFTs will be migrated to Mythos. But given the role of Blankos as Mythical’s original blockchain game, and the energy of that community, which has since been highly diluted for various reasons since, I think there should be a formal program of recognition.

Of course, this could just be an airdrop but equally something like a burn process in which people can burn their existing NFTs for the original USD sale price and get MYTH in return (maybe 100%, maybe 50%!?) would both reduce the supply of those original NFTs as well as seed that community with MYTH tokens.

(And, yes, if you’re asking, I do have a lot of Blankos NFTs, but I wouldn’t plan on burning any myself.)